The general deer hunting season in South Texas will open on November 6, and TAHC officials wish to remind hunters and meat processors in the South Texas region that additional precautions are required when handling deer carcasses from temporary or permanent quarantine areas.  Fever ticks can affect the condition and general well-being of deer, but are unlikely to cause death. It is safe to eat venison from fever tick-infested deer.

Portions of Zapata, Starr, Jim Hogg, Maverick, Dimmit and Webb counties are under preventive quarantine for livestock by the TAHC due to heightened levels of fever ticks outside the permanent quarantine zone along the Rio Grande border.

“It’s that time of year again and hunters are encouraged to contact the land owner or manager where they are hunting to determine the current fever tick status, if they are hunting in any of these counties,” Dr. Ellis, commented. “Hunters are asked to take all necessary precautions when handling and transporting deer taken on ranches within the quarantine zone.”