Deer harvested on infested, exposed, adjacent and check premises must be inspected, treated and permitted prior to being removed from the premises. If a deer is killed on other properties within the temporary quarantine areas, one of three options must be practiced:

1. Remove the hide completely and leave it on the ranch. If the skull is needed for proof of sex, seal it in a bag, then dispose of the skull away from livestock or wildlife after the carcass is processed.

2. Freeze the hide for 24 hours.

3. Have the hide/cape inspected and treated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Fever Tick Force before removing it from the ranch.

A permit for movement issued by a TAHC/USDA representative must accompany the shipment of the hide and cape. “If deer hunters have questions or concerns about any of the South Texas fever tick quarantine zones or practicing any of the three aforementioned options, they should contact their  local county USDA Cooperative Fever Tick Program Office or the TAHC Region 5 office located in Beeville at 800-658-6570,” Dr. Ellis, said.