In addition to these proposed amendments, other rules were adopted at the May 21 meeting as proposed in a January session of the Commission. They included amendments to Chapter 40, titled "Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)," Chapter 41, titled "Fever Ticks," and Chapter 55, titled "Swine."

The amendment to Chapter 40, "Chronic Wasting Disease," repealed and replaced Section 40.5, "Elk Testing Requirements," with a new Section 40.5, "Movement Requirements for CWD Susceptible Species." This amended rule changes the current surveillance requirements for intrastate movement of elk, and adds surveillance requirements for red deer and Sika deer.

The rule will require individuals wishing to move species susceptible to CWD to establish an inventory with the TAHC, test 20 percent of eligible mortalities, and submit a movement record that includes the official identification numbers of animals being moved. The test age for this program is set at 16 months, similar to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's white-tail deer breeder program.

The amendment to Chapter 41, "Fever Ticks," was in Section 41.9, "Vacation and Inspection of a Premise." The amended rule will require that all cattle in the Permanent Quarantine Zone be identified with permanent official identification and be presented annually for inspection.

The amendment to Chapter 55, "Swine," was in Section 55.5, "Pseudorabies." This amended rule updates the testing timeframe for releasing swine that have been quarantined for exposure to Pseudorabies. This is in accordance with the USDA-APHIS-VS National Pseudorabies Eradication Program. The change to Section 55.5 will now allow swine to be released from quarantine with one negative herd test not less than 30 days from removal of the last reactor.

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