• Strict fly control is an important factor to inhibit the transmission of the disease.
  • Avoid transferring feeding equipment, cleaning tools or health care equipment from other herds.
  • Colorado livestock owners should contact the state of destination when moving livestock interstate to ensure that all entry requirements are met. A list of contact information for all state veterinarians’ offices is available at: http://www.colorado.gov/ag/animals.
  • Colorado fairs, livestock exhibitions, and rodeos may institute new entry requirements based on the extent and severity of the current VS outbreak. Be sure to stay informed of any new changes concerning event requirements.

The Colorado State Veterinarian’s Office is recommending that livestock events exercise extra precaution measures to minimize the transmission of vesicular stomatitis. Participants, regardless of origin should, when possible, arrive at the event with a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection that was issued within 48 hours of departure for the event and the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection should contain a statement from the issuing veterinarian certifying the animal(s) have tested free of VS. Any livestock that exhibit clinical signs of VS shall be immediately removed from the event and reported to a Colorado animal health official at 303-239-4161.