America’s farmers and ranchers are positively embracing consumers like never before, but the adversaries of today’s agriculture — from overzealous regulators to those trying to split agriculture into good and bad — will also discover a new assertive attitude in farm country, according to Bob Stallman, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation.

In a spirited annual address to approximately 6,000 farmers and ranchers attending AFBF’s 92nd Annual Meeting, Stallman said farmers and ranchers are using new tools to share their personal stories like never before. He also relayed to Farm Bureau members a new-found attitude of unity and assertiveness throughout agriculture, in part, “to counter-balance those who are hell-bent on misleading consumers.”

“Our goal is to work together to increase consumer knowledge and restore trust in our nation’s food production system,” Stallman said. “While we know we are committed to producing safe and nutritious food, to protecting and enhancing the environment and humanely caring for our animals, the public — our neighbors — still want to be convinced,” Stallman said. “Improving consumer trust is job one.”

While farmers and ranchers pursue this aggressive, new mission, Farm Bureau will continue to fight on their behalf. Stallman outlined organizational efforts to protect America’s farmers and ranchers from regulatory challenges that threaten to “downsize American agriculture, mothball productivity and outsource our farms.”