Gifts for Father, Son, Self or Brother

Range: $25 - $350

Next time a family member asks you what you want for Christmas, just have them take a look at this list, or use it yourself when buying for Day, son, brother of friend. Check out these great gift ideas for farmers and ranchers.

McCormick Farmall Boot Scraper

A day in the field or time in the barn can leave you knee deep in mud, grime and other messy situations, and you know how much the “lady of the house” hates tracks on her clean floors. That’s why this McCormick Farmall boot scraper is such a great addition to any porch. It gets your footwear cleaned up quickly, without using your hands. Just step between the cast iron tractor sides onto the tough fiber bristles and move your foot back and forth to brush away the remnants of a hard day’s work. Cleans almost any size boot or shoe from the treads clear up to the laces. This is one farmhand you should never do without. Scraper retails for $49.99. Connect here.

Boot and Glove Dryer

How many times have you put your boots or gloves near the fireplace or heater in the fall, winter or spring and hoped they would dry before morning? This cool little gadget will warm up those items quickly and efficiently so you’ll be ready for work before the sun comes up. It’s a forced-air garment dryer that won’t let you down. It includes four extra tall air chambers and whisper-quiet rotary blower that provides 99-degree heat that not only dries your clothes but also helps eliminates odors. Dries most garments in one hour or less. Never wear wet boots or gloves again! Retails for $53.02 on

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool

No farmer, rancher, hunter or outdoorsman should venture outside without this handy multi-tool. The Leatherman Wave multi-tool is hands down our most popular model, made famous by its outside-accessible blades that can be deployed with just one hand. When we redesigned it in 2004, we gave the new Wave larger knives, stronger pliers, longer wire cutters, and all-locking blades. Perfect for any job, adventure, or everyday task, the Wave multi-tool is an international best-seller. Retails at Sears for $63.00. Connect here.

Wireless Light w/ Suction-cup Base

The most powerful and versatile 12-volt lighting tool available! The light was originally built to meet the extreme demands found in agricultural production and is ideal for loading grain carts, checking property and livestock, or making those late night repairs. Spotlight features an extremely bright, 400,000-candlepower beam that can reach distances up to one-half mile away. Unique 370° rotation and 135° tilt create a sphere of coverage that reaches the most extreme work angles, while the wireless remote lets you reposition and maneuver the light directly from your work area (up to 100 ft. away). Includes suction-cup base and 15-ft. power cord with cigarette plug. Optional magnetic base (Item GOL50, sold separately) lets you turn the suction cup model into a magnetic-mount spotlight. Measures 7"Hx7"Wx6-1/2"D. The light retails for $307.95. Connect here.