“A proposed federal rule (currently) in the hearings stage may add more investment burden on breeding operations. The Texas deer breeder industry has blossomed since the turn of the century. While we are a healthy, profitable and growing industry, like any businesses or industry, profits are often quickly eaten by production costs and unexpected expenses. A successful breeder can quickly find more cost than profit in a given year,” Adams says.

He says TDA is a supporter and partner with TWPD, TAHC, and others in actions that address animal health and other issues, but he hopes that state leaders make certain any response plan will offer solutions to more effectively monitor free-ranging deer populations across the state, and they encourage that all stakeholders be included in the development and implementation of any potential response plan.

“There is not a single breeder in Texas that isn’t concerned about CWD and other animal disease. But it’s necessary to take a scientific approach to a problem like this. Studies from other states dealing with this problem for years provide proven methods and ways to approach control, and we should look close at these,” Adams suggests.