Eminent domain reform remains the number one priority of the organization’s members. Over the past two sessions, reform legislation failed to become law despite overwhelming public and legislative support. Similar legislation has already been pre-filed for the upcoming session.

“We understand that eminent domain reform will be designated as an emergency item, assuring quick passage,” Dierschke said. “Governor Perry has promised his signature on a bill we have already agreed upon. With the passage of meaningful eminent domain reform, Texans can say with pride that property rights here are now a fact—not rhetoric. Without Farm Bureau’s devotion to achieving this goal, it would not have happened.”

The 2011 session could also yield some landmark decisions on water policy. At stake are cornerstones of Texas water law such as right of capture, local control and historical use. All will be up for debate.

Recent election results will provide yet another challenge. There will be a massive influx of freshmen members on Capitol Hill. In Texas, too, many new faces will grace the House chambers.