The Weatherford Democrat recently reported city officials are concerned with an increased number of automobile and animal accidents within the city limits and the growing number of residents who are feeding deer, effectively teasing them into more urbanized areas by using deer feeders in their lawns.

The result is too many deer and too much animal-human interaction. Officials met with Texas Parks & Wildlife Department officials recently and devised a three-point plan to help with the problem. First, a letter will be sent to residents of the Hudson Oaks area asking for voluntary removal of deer feeders. Failing that, a city spokesman said personal visits would be made to feeder owners and finally the possibility of a city ordinance to prevent feeding within the town limits.

While on the subject of deer and the potential for big business, is reporting Rancher Jason Abraham and Veterinarian Gregg Veneklasen have just cloned two white tail does. The deer are from a line proven to produce large bucks.

The two are famous for being the plaintiffs in the American Quarter Horse Association Cloning lawsuit, which they won.

Abraham says they have also recently birthed a mule deer doe from a white tail doe, just to see if it could be done. At last check, the animal was doing well.


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