But it's not just getting to the farm that offers peril for holiday travelers and visitors. Children playing around electrical equipment, even holiday lights and displays can be dangerous. And oftentimes wells and even livestock ponds or irrigation trenches can present a hazard, especially for younger visitors.

Children and adults unaccustomed to working or being around livestock and other types of farm animals can find themselves in compromising positions, not only from animal mishaps but from contracting animal diseases. And there are dangers associated with grain bins, farm equipment and even silos, barns and other outbuildings that often look like a great place to children looking for a place to explore or play. Perhaps one of the greatest dangers for visiting children are areas where pesticides and other chemicals are stored.

Also high on the list of holiday mishaps, not only for rural homes but all homes, is the chance for house fires. With so many holiday lights and the use of wood burning stoves and other heating equipment associated with the cold weather season, the risk of serious fires and fire-related deaths run high.

While the holidays are traditionally a time for good will and family fun, the potential for accidents and holiday-related tragedy runs high this time of year and can quickly spoil what would have otherwise been a pleasant and memorable holiday visit.. Safety experts advise to plan for a safe journey and warn that travelers should make safety a priority, especially during the holiday season.


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