Kerry Siders, Texas AgriLife Extension IPM agent for Hockley and Cochran Counties  says as cotton planting begins to wind down many farmers are faced with the dilemma of beginning to manage cotton already up and making certain the final push to get all fields planted goes smoothly.

In his most recent pest management newsletter, Siders encouraged farmers to pay attention to emerging trouble spots.

“Many producers are still occupied with planting or replanting, as well as sand-fighting,” Siders said. “However, very quickly we will be getting back to managing weeds, nematodes, and dealing with fertility issues.”

That means pest management decisions.” There is a 6 step process to decision-making in IPM,” he said. The IPM Decision-Making protocol is:

  1. Identify the problem or pest.
  2. Determine the severity of the problem (scouting, traps, past history).
  3. Assess the management options (do nothing, cultural, biological, chemical control).
  4. Select and apply one or more options.
  5. Measure the success of options employed.
  6. Record the results.

Following a plan, Siders said, makes a good outcome more likely.