A group of 13 Texas landowner associations and organizations sent a letter to each state groundwater conservation district urging them to adopt a resolution or similar statement recognizing that landowners have a vested ownership interest in groundwater beneath their property.

The letter is part of a larger effort, led by the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA), the Texas Farm Bureau (TFB), the Texas Wildlife Association (TWA) and 10 other landowner groups, to reaffirm groundwater as a vested property right of landowners during the upcoming legislative session.

"We're very encouraged by the groundwater conservation districts that are considering the resolution and recognizing the importance of reaffirming groundwater as a vested, real property right," said Tina Y. Buford, president of the Texas Wildlife Association.  "It is critical that this foundation principle be reaffirmed." 

The groups support local groundwater conservation districts so private landowners can work with their neighbors, rather than a distant state agency, to protect their groundwater rights and also conserve this valuable resource.