Goat kid and yearling prices, as reported by the San Angelo auction market, staged a strong seasonal rebound in the fall of 2013.  Number 2 kids, 40-60 pounds, exceeded $180 per hundredweight by mid-fall while No. 1 kids were over $200 per hundredweight. 

This year’s price rally follows the seasonal pattern of higher prices late in the year. But these higher prices have been supported by reduced federally inspected goat slaughter.  Slightly lower slaughter levels compared to 2012 follows the available goat herd inventory data from USDA.  That data has shown a decline in goat inventory over the last couple of years.  It’s likely that drought in many parts of the country over that time has had an impact on goat numbers. 

It is likely that slightly smaller production levels will lead to slightly higher prices in 2014 compared to 2013.  The goat market may also get some help from higher lamb prices in those markets where there is some substitution.


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