The TFB Resolutions Committee is composed of members representing all 13 Texas Farm Bureau districts. It reviews and consolidates proposed policies submitted by county Farm Bureaus throughout the state. Now, it will be up to some 1,100 voting delegates, who will gather for TFB’s 77th Annual Meeting in Waco Dec. 4-6, to approve or reject the resolutions.

Other issues that will be considered at the annual meeting include the following:

·        Affirmation of humane treatment of animals, while recognizing that livestock and wildlife are part of the human food chain, and a belief that livestock and wildlife are not equal to humans and do not have human rights.

·        Opposition to shifting maintenance of farm-to-market roads from the state to counties.

·        Support for a state law that would require proper and sufficient notice be given when legislation is filed that could conceivably grant eminent domain powers.

Resolutions adopted at the TFB annual meeting become policy that guides the organization throughout the coming year. Those resolutions approved by American Farm Bureau Federation delegates at the national convention in January will provide a roadmap for the national organization in 2011.