Spring rains helped Valley onion producers early in the season, but heavy rains and wet fields slowed harvest and is blamed for disease that ruined most of the yellow onion crop. Anciso says red and white onions have fared much better, but disease and low market prices for yellow onions are making for a bad season.

Most RGV cotton is in bloom stage. Many fields planted by the middle of March had a lot of small to large bolls and many blooms. Pest insect activity was reported very low in most areas of the Valley the first week of June as fleahoppers and whitefly infestations were lower in most fields. However, whitefly infestations are still growing in some cotton fields and scouting remains a high priority.

John Norman, editor of the weekly Pest Cast Newsletter reports more beneficial insects in the Valley were observed the last week of May. He says this is probably one of the reasons why pest populations are lower. But syrphid fly numbers were reported higher this week. An average of more than one adult syrphid fly per foot of row was spotted recently in many fields.