She said cotton farmers may use fumigants but expense may be prohibitive. “Fumigation runs about $60 per acre, just for the product,” she said. She said fumigants also may be pulled from the market.

“We have no substitute yet,” Parajulee says. Seed treatments offer an option but they “don’t last as long as Temik, maybe a week less. We get from two to three weeks of protection with seed treatments now; we get three to four weeks with Temik.”

He’s more concerned about thrips infestations than nematodes. “We expect significant stress for thrips control in cotton.”

Temik may not be as widely used for thrips management in other cotton-producing areas, “but it is important in West Texas and we now produce 25 percent of the country’s cotton in the High Plains. Loss of Temik will be crucial.”

Farmers have used Temik at 3 to 3.5 pounds per acre to control thrips. “They may bump that up to 5 pounds for nematodes.”

Nobel Laminack, Bayer CropScience sales representative, says Temik has been a valuable product for High Plains cotton farmers. “Ten years of data show a 100 pound to 110 pound yield increase with Temik,” he says.