In other matters, delegates addressed a potential disaster for Texas grain farmers.  They suggested that a statewide producer-funded commodity indemnity program be established to protect producers and ensure full payment is received for their commodities when a grain storage facility closes because of financial problems.

“There’s no protection for farmers and ranchers who hold grain in elevators,” one advocate for the resolution said.

Delegates also voted to strengthen the Texas Department of Agriculture’s regulatory authority to audit and inspect storage facilities and records, and suggested the bonding amount required for storage facilities should be increased.

On the national level, delegates affirmed that enforcement of all immigration laws and border security is the responsibility of the federal government, adding that a state’s right to pass and enforce laws to secure their borders and protect their citizens must be respected by the federal government.

State resolutions will provide a roadmap for the Texas Farm Bureau to follow in pursuing legislative and regulatory actions in 2011. National resolutions will be forwarded for consideration at the American Farm Bureau Federation convention to be held in January in Atlanta, Ga.

In other state policy, delegates:

  • Supported state legislation that would require proper notice be given when legislation is filed that could grant eminent domain powers.
  • Opposed legislation regulating or taxing “dust” in any open air agricultural operation.
  • Supported state funding for any research or program—including the use of a bounty—to control feral hogs.
  • Opposed shifting maintenance of farm to market roads from the state to counties.


At convention's end, the TFB board of directors re-elected Dewey Hukill of Lamb County as vice president.  Billy Bob Brown of Carson County was elected as secretary-treasurer.