Conference agendas have followed the trends of agriculture and marked significant advancements in issues ranging from integrated pest management, to boll weevil eradication, precision agriculture, genetically-engineered crops, biofuels, bio-terrorism, feral hog invasions, weed resistance, the daunting challenge of aflatoxin and the encouraging opportunity for aflatoxin control.

Conferences have considered the impact of numerous farm bills, ups and down of commodity markets, effects of devastating drought and ideal growing seasons. Experts have reported on cotton, corn, wheat, grain sorghum, peanuts, rice, turf, vegetables, fruit and the possibilities for sesame, canola and castor.

Farm bill discussions have considered everything from Freedom to Farm to when are we likely to get a new farm bill.

Anything that was pertinent to Texas agriculture over the past 25 years has found a spot on the TPPA annual conference agenda.

The first conference, January, 1990, set the stage with the theme, Getting Down to Earth. Secretary Butz encouraged farmers to embrace risk: “It is completely unacceptable to believe that there is no way out of the problems we have created. Unquestionably, there are risks involved, but none so great as the risk that we may quit risking, try vainly to set the clock back, abjectly surrender the goal of a better world in the mistaken belief that this one is as good as it can be.”