Texas consumers are paying only slightly more for food items than they were at the end of last year, according to Texas Farm Bureau’s Grocery Price Watch. 

A basket of 16 staple grocery items totaling $46.66 is up less than 2 percent from last quarter at $45.85 and up about one-half of 1 percent from $46.40 last year, based on TFB sources.

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"Prices for consumers' grocery baskets have stayed consistent through the first quarter of this year," said TFB President Kenneth Dierschke. "This is good news for Texas families as they closely monitor their budgets throughout the year." 

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Some items did increase in price. Red meat prices rose and poultry prices declined. Top sirloin steak and ground beef increased more than 5 percent and 11 percent, respectively, from the last quarter. The price of pork chops rose to $4.25 per pound, a 7.32 percent increase. Chicken breasts decreased by nearly 3 percent from the last quarter and remained steady with prices of a year earlier.




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