Higginbotham explained that agriculture is in ruins because the country has lost generations of farmers to war. By establishing sustainable agricultural practices, he hopes that the team can help reenergize the region while also eroding the attraction to radical regimes.

“If they can sustain themselves through agriculture and can build an economic base, they will not need the Taliban,” he said. “However, they can’t rebuild their country without the necessary support and education. In many ways, our team’s mission parallels the Noble Foundation’s consultation program. We help farmers and ranchers by providing information and support. They progress and grow, and soon they are finding success on their own. It’s a dynamic process.”

For the Noble Foundation consultants who provided training to the National Guard team, the interaction seems a fitting tribute to the organization’s founder. “You look at all the success the Noble Foundation has had in our region and it is amazing to know that success began with one man,” Wells said. “Now his legacy is being carried to the other side of the world to change the lives of those who desperately need it. I believe Lloyd Noble would have been extremely proud.”