Sticktight (meatless shell) numbers increased significantly in the Wichita; up from 1 percent to 3 percent over four years. Western Schley sticktights increased but the amount was not significantly higher four years after hedging.


Nut numbers showing pre-germination, or vivipary, was varied but not related to hedging.

Alternate bearing

Pecan producers are very interested in the hedging impact on the alternate bearing crop cycle. Producers prefer fewer major yield swings during the on-off year cycles.

“Alternate bearing in the Western Schley and Wichita blocks appeared to decrease when hedging and topping were conducted,” Walworth said. “More hedging data is required to convincingly draw a firmer conclusion.”

Alternate bearing in FICO’s Western Schley block was basically “knocked out.” Studies conducted elsewhere support a reduction in alternate bearing from hedging, but not to the extent of the study at the FICO farm.