To offset the previous size of NMSU's pecan test acreage, the university participated in cooperative projects with growers around the region. While beneficial, these projects had limitations because the university could not ask private growers to stress their trees in a way that could reduce yield, something needed for certain testing. The university plans to continue with cooperative research projects, but will have more of its own trees for stress testing.

"It's our hope that these new trees are just the beginning, and that we'll continue to expand our research acreage in the future," Heerema said.

The trees donated by Linwood are valued at $25,000. Heerema credited Tracey Carrillo, assistant director of NMSU's Agricultural Experiment Station; Mark Pacheco, farm manager of the Leyendecker Plant Science Center; and Robert Flynn, Extension specialist for NMSU's Extension Plant Sciences, for their help with the project.

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