“The very first peaches have already been harvested by growers who have some trees under high tunnels,” said James Kamas, Extension specialist. “A few more growers had a limited supply of peaches this last weekend, and most everybody had fruit in the stands by Memorial Day.”


Marburger says about 40 different different varieties of peaches grow in the Hill Country area, each lasting two weeks. “Depending on the varieties a grower has and what they plan to accomplish with those varieties, our season is typically from mid-May to early August” says Marbuger.

“Just about anybody that has roadside stands will go looking for varieties for late August to early September just to keep some fruit on their stands. They may not be what they would consider their premium varieties, much like their mid-season varieties, but still great peaches when they are harvested correctly.”

According to Marburger and other sources, the peach season is considered to be from “mid-June to mid-July” and that’s when the most premium peach varieties are sold, just in time for the annual social event of the year in Stonewall, The Peach JAMboree.