Price helps that figure. Back in early December, canola price projections for 2011 were right at $10 a bushel. That compared with about $8 wheat. Producers Cooperative Oil Mill in Oklahoma City buys canola, offering a regional market.

“Farmers have a learning curve with canola,” Duncan said. “It’s a small seed and they may have difficulty getting a good stand.”

It provides excellent rotation advantages with wheat. “Farmers in Oklahoma adopted canola because they could clean up a significant weed problem in continuous wheat,” he said. Farmers have weed control options including Clearfield, Roundup Ready, Liberty Link and conventional canola varieties.

The rotation pays off. “A canola and wheat rotation increases net return per acre from $170.60 per acre in continuous wheat to $177.32 per acre with the rotation. We can see a 5 percent to 10 percent yield boost in wheat following canola.”