“What these winners are giving back to the peanut community far outweighs what they’re receiving for being part of this awards program. They’ve shared what they know with the entire peanut community.”

During a question-and-answer session following the awards presentation, this year’s Peanut Profitability honorees were asked about their primary source of information regarding peanut production and farming in general.

Freeman, of the Lower Southeast, says he has always relied on his Extension Agent Tim Moore, and the specialists with the Extension Service.

“Whenever we call on them for anything, we get an answer back pretty quick. I wish the referendum for the extra $1 for the Georgia Peanut Commission had passed, because I know we’re going to run into problems that they need to be on top of pretty quickly. I’m afraid the answers won’t be there as quickly as they have been in the past,” says Freeman.

Swinson, of the Upper Southeast, says he is very fortunate to have North Carolina State University, a land grant university, and the peanut specialist there, David Jordan, as his primary sources of information.

“They have always helped us on the farm, along with our county Extension agent. We also talk to other farmers in other areas about issues,” says Swinson.

Enns of the Southwest says he relies mostly on his neighbors and Extension personnel for information as it relates to Texas peanut production.

In response to a question about whether they use generic or brand-name products in their pest management programs, the answers were mixed.

“I stick with brand-name products,” says Freeman. “Some of these foreign products may have the same chemical name, but you don’t know what the carrier is. I’ve never had too much luck with them. If you do have problems with name-brand products, you can always go back to your rep.”

Swinson says he started out using only name-brand products but has changed over time. “I’m a label reader, so I switched to generics. It saves us a lot of money. I’m all about the dollars.”

Like Freeman, Enns prefers the brand-name products. “I stick with the brand names because they’ve been around longer, and you can go back to your chemical rep because they usually guarantee their products.”

Sponsors of this year’s awards include include Arysta, Becker Underwood, Devgen, Golden Peanut, Syngenta, U.S. Borax, John Deere, National Peanut Board, Southeast Farm Press, Southwest Farm Press and Delta Farm Press.