OSU peanut variety trials since 2010 have shown strong performance by runner varieties Red River Runner, GA-09B and Florida-07, research reports show. Tamnut OL06 and AT99-98-14 are leading Spanish varieties in the tests. And breeding lines ARSOK-V30B, a Virginia, ARSOK-R35, a runner, and ARSOK-S140-1OL, a Spanish, have also performed well.

For example, in Caddo County tests, three-year average yields and grade measurements showed Red River Runner with a 4,615-pound per acre average yield and a 69 percent total sound mature kernels (TSMK) rating. GA-09B had a 4,309-pound yield and 68 percent TSMK. FlavorRunner 458 had a 4,228-pound yield and 66 percent TMSK.

In the county’s Spanish variety trials, AT99-98-14 yielded 3,884 pounds and had a 65 percent TSMK. Tamnut Ol06 had a yield average of 3,532 pounds and a 63 percent TSMK.

Further trials in Beckham County showed GA-09B as the highest-yielding runner at 5,681 pounds and a 73 percent TSMK. Red River Runner yielded 5,470 and a 75 percent TSMK. Tamrun OL07 yielded 5,351 pounds and 71 percent TSMK. Spanish variety trials showed AT99-98-14 yielded 4,928 pounds and 70 percent TSMK. Tamnut Ol06 yielded 4,652 pounds and 66 percent TSMK.

For more on Oklahoma peanut variety trials, go to http://oilseeds.okstate.edu/.


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