Texas cotton and grain farmers are poised to harvest bumper yields from the 2010 crop, based on recent USDA/National Agricultural Statistics Service estimates.

Corn acreage, at 2.25 million, is down from last year by 100,000 acres but state production will be up, 287 million bushels compared to 254.8 million last year. Harvested acreage is also up from last year, 2.05 million compared to 1.96 million in 2009.

Average yield for the 2010 crop is estimated at 140 bushels per acre. Last year’s average was 10 bushels per acre lower.

Cotton acreage and production are up significantly from 2009. Texas farmers planted 5.6 million acres this year, up from 5 million. Production is almost double last year’s mark—8.8 million bales compared to just 4.62 million in 2009. That comes from an average yield of 782 pounds per acre. Last year’s average was 634 pounds per acre.

Harvested acreage in 2010 is anticipated to be 5.4 million, which indicates a very small abandonment rate. Last year’s harvested acreage was 3.5 million, a significant abandonment from 5 million planted acres.

Texas grain sorghum acreage is down to 2.4 million from 2.7 million last year. Production is up, 144.9 million bushels compared to 98.4 million in 2009. Average yield is estimated at 69 bushels per acre compared to 48 bushels last year. Harvested acreage at 2.1 million is up slightly from 2009 harvest of 2.05 million.

Top production district for cotton is District 1 South, The Southern High Plains, which accounts for 2.95 million acres and 4.4 million bales of cotton. Top for grain sorghum acreage is District 10 South and accounts for 550,000 acres. Top grain sorghum production comes from District 8 South with and 40.7 million bushels from 530,000 acres.

Most of Texas corn comes from District 1 North, The Northern High Plains, with 890,000 acres and 173.5 million bushels.

High average cotton yield comes from District 8 North, South Central Texas. Average yield is estimated at 1,177 pounds per acre. Top for average corn yield is 1North at 209 bushels per acre. Best average for grain sorghum is 8 South, the Coastal Bend, at 82.2 bushels per acre.