From the Kansas City Star:

When the United States rationed food during World War II so citizens and soldiers had enough to eat, the Secretary of Agriculture often repeated the slogan: “Food will win the war and write thepeace.”

I think of these words every time I read an article or see a fringe group attacking the modern-dayfarmer.

The harsh reality is America’s political leaders must take appropriate measures today to ensure that farmers do not become an endangered species tomorrow—a loss we cannotafford.

I am no farm policy expert, but I know about national security, and I know that farmers are as important today as they were in1942.

Of course, meeting America’s needs is more challenging today because the U.S. population has nearly tripled over the past 70 years and continues an upward march. Meanwhile, the number of farms has plummeted, leaving just 210,000 full-time farms to feed, fuel and clothe more than 300 millionAmericans.

Hold the thin green line by protecting farmers