Texas continues to suffer through drought and much of the state remains dry according to the latest report from the National Weather Service and reports from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service personnel.

Warm and windy weather along with continued drought is drying out topsoils. A few farmers welcomed the dry spell however. For growers in the East, Central, North and Southeast regions, the dry weather allowed them to get back into fields to prepare for spring plantings. In other regions, the dry, windy weather stressed winter forages and slowed or stopped growth.

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“Deaf Smith County producers are in a hold mode for the time being,” said Rick Auckerman, AgriLife Extension agent for Deaf Smith County, west of Amarillo. “The winter wheat crop is holding for now, with the pivots stopped for the time being. The dryland wheat crop is also holding on for now with little hope of Mother Nature helping out any time soon.”

Rainfall has been rare across most of the state for the past month.

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