Cheminova, Inc. has received registration for Chisum Herbicide, a broad-spectrum material that controls and/or suppresses broadleaf weeds and brush in pasture, rangeland and CRP.

“Chisum is a sulfonylurea herbicide with metsulfuron plus chlorsulfuron as the active ingredients,” says Jim Barrentine, Technical Services Director for Cheminova. “That means Chisum provides residual control, and handles a wide variety of broadleaf weeds and brush in a single treatment.”

Barrentine says Chisum is an economical alternative to Cimarron Plus Herbicide.

“In addition, Chisum can be tank-mixed with other registered pasture and rangeland herbicides to control additional weeds,” says Barrentine.

Chisum is available in a water dispersible granule (WG) formulation and packaged in 10-ounce bottles with each case containing eight bottles.

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