Erin Borror, U.S. Meat Export Federation, says opening up new markets or regaining old ones offers significant opportunity to the U.S. beef industry.

Gaining access to China, for example, could mean around $320 million to U.S. beef producers.

Approval of the less-than-30-months-old protocol in Japan could be worth $1 billion. If Taiwan adopts the MRL for ractomapine and Zilpaterol, U.S. beef producers could realize around a $150 million benefit.

Easing restrictions by other countries with BSE-related issues could also be a huge boon to U.S. beef. Those countries include: Hong Kong, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Singapore, etc. Total at stake could be as much as $200 million.

“If Indonesia begins abiding by trade rules, value could be about $30 million,” Borror said.

Reversing Saudi Arabia’s recent BSE ban would mean a $30-million recovery.

The “back of the napkin total,” Borror said “would be around $1.73 billion (annual basis).”