The seven New Mexico projects selected for funding this year include:

  • Partner with the New Mexico Chile Association to increase demand and price premiums for New Mexico chili pepper growers and processers by developing and implementing a region of production certification program for New Mexico peppers.
  • Partner with the New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association to increase sales of specialty crops by educating new and beginning farmers about what it takes to be successful as a specialty crop farmer in the state; creating brand loyalty among specialty crop buyers; and engaging the next generation of youth on issues of food, farming, and sustainability through a series of short videos to be shown on YouTube and at statewide events.
  • Partner with the New Mexico Wine Growers Association to increase traffic to New Mexico’s wineries by designing and implementing tourism-oriented promotional materials and by developing a Smartphone application to guide tourists to winery destinations, provide them with information and discounts, and alert them to events the wineries offer.
  • Increase awareness of New Mexico specialty crops and value-added products by reaching out to national food and beverage associations through product sampling, demonstrations, seminars, workshops, and tradeshows.
  • Capture new target markets and create greater demand for New Mexico’s green chili peppers by developing and implementing new marketing strategies including in-store demonstrations, advertising activities, and restaurant promotions.
  • Partner with New Mexico State University to increase consistent projection of pecans by studying the issue of alternate bearing, measuring the genetic signals to pinpoint the timing of pecan flower induction, and sharing the results with pecan growers at various conferences and through the NMSU Cooperative Extension Bulletin.
  • Perform pre-award and post-award activities to administer Specialty Crop Block Grant Program funding and ensure that the State Agency and sub-awardees abide by Federal and State requirements and regulations.