Current pest management research tackles the biology of downy mildew disease and root rot in spinach, lettuce viruses, the impact of rotational crops on soil-borne disease levels, and insecticide efficacy trials.

Food safety studies are often partnerships funded by the CLGRP and the Center for Produce Safety.

Water quality management research centers on denitrification chambers, crop nitrogen requirements, sediment reduction, and best management practices.

The CLGRP’s latest research accomplishments are available online at

Researchers in CLGRP projects primarily tackle time consuming initial research and then provide potential solutions to seed companies for further development. Among the researchers include Trevor Suslow, UC Davis Extension research specialist.

Suslow discussed with the workshop crowd ongoing research on soil and water contamination that he and UCCE plant pathologist Steve Koike are conducting. The aim is to develop improved protocols for soil microbe management in vegetables which, in the end, could improve and impact food safety.

Field trials conducted by the duo suggest that bacterial pathogens can exist longer in the soil under higher soil moisture and milder temperature conditions, especially if associated with contaminated organic matter.

Once a field is disked after harvest, Suslow says both pathogenic E. coli and salmonella can live in the soil for more than 110 days. Research trials in 2011 and 2012 showed that a low yet detectible number of samples from replanted mini-greens were positive for the research strains inoculated on the previous crop.

Other trials conducted by Suslow and Koike address whether cultural changes implemented by growers can reduce a pathogen’s life span.

Suslow said, “Our preliminary findings suggest that delaying residue disking for at least a week after harvest, especially if the field is believed to be contaminated, allows existing environmental conditions to reduce pathogen numbers naturally.”

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