Rain fell on much of the Southwest from a few days before through a few days after the Memorial Day weekend, leaving as much as 11 inches in some locations. Other areas received as little as a trace of rain.

Randy Boman, Oklahoma State University Extension state cotton specialist, said he more than 6 inches of rain fell at his house in southwest Oklahoma.

“All of my ponds are filled up now for the first time in four years,” he said. “Unfortunately, even with this this level of precipitation, rain did not occur everywhere. Eastern Tillman County missed substantial rainfall, as well as a large area in western Oklahoma where we have cotton acres.”

He said Tom Steed and Lugert reservoirs received minimal runoff, “but Steed may come up some after the latest rainfall.   

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“This precipitation won’t break the drought,” Boman said, “but it will breathe new life into our summer crops in some places.  Others are still dry, and that is a bit disappointing.  As soon as it dries out we need to get back in the field as we have quite a bit of project planting left to do.”