Dyna-Gro is hearing good reports on 2570 B2RF, which fits across the entire Cotton Belt, according to Larry Stauber, agronomist with Dyna-Gro. “In fact they’ve been looking at it in California.”

Stauber says the variety’s adaptability runs from North Carolina to Florida and from Georgia to Arizona. “You can plant it as far north as the Bootheel of Missouri all the way to the southern coast.”

Stauber reports “a lot of good comments from growers on quality and solid yields wherever it’s planted. We’re hearing yields ranging from 400 pounds in very droughty areas of Texas to as much as 5 bales an acre under drip irrigation.

“We’ve heard that one field in Arizona may produce over six bales. So it has some extremely high yield potential, but also does very well on the low end in the droughty environments. It also does well on all soils, the clays, the silt loans and the sands.

“It is a big, growthy plant that works in both the stripper and picker markets,” Stauber said. “The biggest advantage is that it’s manageable. If you want a bigger plant, it’s there. It is also very responsive to growth regulators. It is very adaptable to the grower’s production practices.”

Stauber says the variety has been on the market for about five years, “and there are still producers discovering it for the first time. There are still many places where producers can use it.”

For more information, see www.dyna-gro.com.