Cotton yields so far this season have been very good. Scalf says the irrigated cotton in his gin is averaging two to two-and-a-half bales per acre, maybe not as good as 2009, but good yields anyhow.

Dryland cotton yields for farmers bringing cotton to the Martha gin have been really good, Scalf says, "A lot of the area dryland fields that received timely rains are giving farmers two-bale per acre cotton."

The Tri-County Cooperative gin north of Chattanooga has ginned 1,250 bales to date with modules sitting on the yard and more cotton being harvested.

Humphreys Cooperative gin north of Altus in Jackson County has ginned 11,000 bales to date with expectations of some 11,000 more to come with farmers harvesting cotton now.

Farther north at Clinton, the Midwest Farmers, Inc., Gin has started with 889 bales already processed, modules on the yard and farmers harvesting. The Farmers Cooperative Association gin at Butler in Custer County has ginned 480 bales to date and has more cotton coming in.

Harmon County Cooperative gin at Hollis, Okla., has ginned 5,800 bales with a yard of modules and more cotton being harvested.

Cotton harvest in Kansas is getting started with gins beginning to receive cotton.

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