Bayer CropScience announces five new FiberMax varieties and one new Stoneville variety for 2011. These varieties offer several trait choices, including new GlyTol glyphosate-tolerant technology, LibertyLinktechnology, and a two-gene herbicide stack with both GlyTol and LibertyLink.

Four new FiberMax varieties adapted for the Southwest will offer GlyTol technology in 2011. GlyTol provides season-long in-plant tolerance to glyphosate and gives growers the freedom to choose any brand of glyphosate registered for use on cotton, unless expressly prohibited on the herbicide label.

FM 9101GTand FM 9103GT were planted by Southwest seed production growers for the past two years and have excellent yield and quality potential. FM 9101GT has an early-mid maturity, while FM 9103GT has an early maturity. Both varieties will be available in good supply for 2011.

FM 2011GTis a new variety with GlyTol technology that demonstrated great performance in Bayer CropScience Cotton Agronomic Performance (CAP) trials in 2010. It has an early maturity with very strong yield potential. It will be available in limited quantities in 2011.

FM 9250GLis double-stacked with both GlyTol and LibertyLink technologies, with full tolerance and outstanding crop safety to both glyphosate and Ignite herbicides. FM 9250GL is an early maturing variety adapted to the Southwest with agronomic characteristics similar to FM 9058F.

FiberMax is also releasing a new Roundup ReadyFlex/Bollgard IIvariety

FM 2484B2F has performed extremely well across the Southwest region with trial results indicating very high yield potential and outstanding fiber quality. FM 2484B2F is well suited for dryland conditions and irrigated production where it demonstrates its genetic potential when managed for high yields under good irrigation and fertilization. Early university trial results indicate FM 2484B2F has good tolerance to Verticillium wilt and provides growers a great option for fields susceptible to this disease.

The Stoneville brand will offer its first variety with LibertyLink technology:

ST 4145LLB2 is adapted for the Mid-South, Southeast and Mid-Atlantic production regions. The LibertyLink trait with Ignite herbicide enables growers to keep weed management efficient while providing an effective tool to manage resistance or rotate chemistries on their farms.

ST 4145LLB2is an early-mid maturing variety with a broad fit from Louisiana to North Carolina. It will be sold in limited quantities in 2011 with full availability in 2012. Growers should contact their Bayer CropScience sales representative or regional cotton agronomist for more information. For more information on FiberMax cotton seed visit; for more information on Stoneville cotton seed visit