Ample supply of these varieties will be available for the 2012 growing season. CG 3006 B2RF is a very early variety that has performed exceptionally well on irrigated acres in the northern Texas High Plains. It offers excellent seedling vigor and emergence, top-end yield potential and premium fiber package. A determinate type variety, CG 3006B2RF fits in those areas that struggle to accumulate heat units in an average growing season.

CG 3156B2RF is an early-mid maturity, medium-tall variety with excellent seedling vigor and early-season emergence. It has demonstrated outstanding yield potential along with excellent fiber properties and very good storm tolerance. It is adapted across regions, but has shown its best fit in west Texas north into Kansas. CG 3156B2RF delivers consistent yields on both dryland and irrigated acres. It is moderately tolerant to Verticillium wilt and is bacterial blight resistant.

CG 3787B2RFis a medium-tall, late-mid maturating variety adapted for dryland production systems, but will also deliver excellent yields on irrigated soils. CG 3787B2RF has excellent seedling vigor and early season emergence and excellent fiber qualities. It fits extremely well across the Cotton Belt from west Texas through Georgia. For more cotton variety information, go to Croplan Genetics.