It’s an age-old problem in agriculture: ground-engaging tools — disks, coulters and wavy blades that penetrate soil and cut crop residues — eventually go dull.

Until now, there was no way to realistically sharpen a wavy-bladed implement with dull blades.

The patent-pending Robo-Sharpener system sharpens a Case IH Turbo blade in just a few minutes. The sharpener is equipped with a trolley system, allowing it to roll along a rail from blade to blade while the operator watches.

Not only does the Case IH Robo-Sharpener sharpen wavy blades, it also sharpens standard concavity disk blades. After using the Robo-Sharpener, the blades will have a restored cutting edge that can slice through tough residue and penetrate hard soil.

The key breakthrough in developing the Robo-Sharpener was exploiting the principle of the pendulum, first studied by Galileo in 1602. With the appropriate leverage provided by the sharpener’s own weight mounted to the pendulum, the sharpening wheel tracks the undulations of the wavy blades.

A gang driver rotates the blades at the ideal speed while being sharpened. This balance also keeps heat away from the target blade so blade steel integrity is not compromised.

The economics are attractive, too. While sharpening labor and applicable travel costs vary by area, utilizing the Robo-Sharpener from your local Case IH dealer can save you up to 85 percent of the cost to re-blade an implement.

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