By a vote of five to three, the Supreme Court upheld an Arizona law requiring all employers in the state to utilize E-Verify, a federal electronic employment eligibility verification system that had been, to date, voluntary nationwide. The court also upheld the state’s law revoking the licenses of businesses that hire illegal immigrants. In response to today’s ruling, United Fresh Senior Vice President of Public Policy Robert Guenther offered the following statement:

“Produce industry employers are steadfastly committed to ensuring all employees are properly documented and legally eligible to work,” said Guenther. “Providing Americans with access to an abundant supply of nutritious fruits and vegetables requires that producers have access to a legal workforce. United Fresh and the produce industry support the adoption of a consistent federal labor eligibility standard, including a workable guest worker program, to meet these critical labor needs. As lawmakers consider action in the wake of the Supreme Court decision, we call on Congress to work with us to support the men and women of the produce industry and the millions of American jobs that are essential to the produce food chain, and take the necessary steps to ensure a viable labor supply of agriculture workers.”