"In April of this year, we received Section 18 approval to use Transform in grain sorghum fields in Texas. The sugarcane aphid is a very invasive pest, and it is something we really needed to help in this developing outbreak," Vineyard said.

"Under Section 18 authorization, growers are allowed a maximum of two treatments not to exceed a total application of three ounces of Transform. So far we are seeing excellent results," added Hirst.

Brewer says reports indicate a single treatment of Transform is proving to provide a 14-21-day protection window in sorghum fields. That compares with Dimetholate's six-to seven-day protection window per application, according to trials.

"Scouting is the key. Grain sorghum is capable of handling a large number of this sugarcane aphid, but once we find population levels around 200 aphids per leaf, then we believe we have reached treatment threshold. While you don't want to treat too early in the game, you don't want to get behind rapidly growing populations, otherwise you are running a serious risk of heavy honey dew and sooty conditions on a plant and across a field," Brewer added.