As we close down another year it is always interesting to review how things turned out.  As you recall, last year at this time we were beginning to come out of one the worst droughts in recent history.  With above normal rainfall during the 2010 growing season, we were able to produce some excellent crops, unless you were one of those who got the rain at the same time that your crop was ready to harvest.   Had we not had rain during prime grain harvest time, we could have seen a record crop.

One of the things I do annually this time of year is project crop yields and income for the county, so here goes my best estimations, with the help of farmers and USDA professionals.

Traditionally Nueces County is the top grain sorghum producing county in Texas.  This year we harvested about 183,430 acres with an average yield of 4,730 pounds of grain per acre that generated a crop value of approximately $48.1 million.  That is more than a $41 million increase from last year. It’s amazing what a little rain can do for you!

In looking at other grains produced in Nueces County, we harvested 9,866 acres of corn with an average yield of 97 bushels per acre and a crop value of $3.8 million.  We had just more than 1,500 acres of sesame harvested with an average yield of 650 pounds per acre valued at $269,000.  Sesame yields were hurt from rainfall just as the crop was ready to harvest.

We had 1,162 acres of sunflowers harvested producing an average yield of 1,200 pounds per acre valued at $223,000.  Wheat harvested acres totaled 6,749 with yields averaging 45 bushels per acre with an estimated value of $1.3 million.