On Oct.1, the National Corn Growers Association entered a new fiscal year and, subsequently, seated the 2012 Corn Board with Garry Niemeyer of Auburn, Ill., assuming the presidency.

Off the Cob spoke with the new president to explore his views on what lies ahead for corn farmers in 2012, the challenges he expects the board to face, and some of the programs he is excited to see coming to fruition.

Beginning by thanking former and current board officers for their service, Niemeyer noted that 2012 is likely to be a tumultuous year as the government drafts a new farm bill in a climate that values economic austerity.

“I expect to see a turbulent year this next year as our government makes spending cuts and budgetary decisions,” he said.

“A long-term, comprehensive solution that reduces federal deficits must be found to help ensure our nation’s fiscal integrity and economic strength. With that said, we have a strong organization, and we will be prepared to meet the challenge.”

On a brighter note, he went on to remind farmers that new biotech events scheduled for release this year will once again fortify their ability to cope with environmental stressors and produce an abundant crop.