Whether to restock cattle herds now or not depends on several factors.

The cattle market is at all-time highs and drought continues to decimate herds across Texas, so some might consider restocking but are questioning if it’s the right time to buy.

It just depends, says one expert.

Mow or spray; that is the question.

Dr. Stephen Hammack, a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service beef cattle specialist in Stephenville, walked through the different metrics of buying replacement cattle at the recent Blackland Income Growth Conference in Waco.

“They’re closer to 1,300 pounds and we are feeding practically everything we produce that is not retained for heifers. We’ve got better genetics to produce more pounds; we also have growth promotants and better nutrition.”

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Hammack said if you are thinking about restocking, “there are different alternatives and factors involved.”


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