In addition to adopting new rules and amendments, the Commission also adopted a series of proposed amendments to the state's animal health regulations, including changes regarding trichomoniasis (trich) testing, herd certification and entry requirements for cattle.

Four such proposed amendments are open for public comment through July 7, 2014. They include:

  • Add testing requirements for a herd of origin when a bull from the herd is sold and subsequently found to be infected with Trich.

Require testing when a bull is separated from its unit of origin, such as when a bull is found on property not owned by the owner/caretaker of the bull (stray), and that bull is found to be infected with Trich. Under the proposal, the pasture (unit) of origin, and pasture where the stray Trich bull was located will both be placed under hold order, and any additional bulls located there must be tested for Trich.

  • Allow TAHC to evaluate the effectiveness of a herd control plan for an infected herd leading to the possible continuation or disapproval of the herd plan based on the progress or lack of progress made in controlling the disease within the herd.
  • Require herds enrolled in the Trich Herd Certification Program to have perimeter fences that are adequate to prevent the ingress or egress of cattle.

In addition, other proposed amendments related to Trich were made. The Commission proposed a new rule for cattle that clarifies bovine trich entry requirements and testing exemptions and adds new testing exemptions for out-of-state bulls enrolled in a Texas bull test station trial and for out-of-state bulls originating from approved Certified Trich Free Herd programs.

Commissioners announced this new proposed rule will be available for review on the TAHC website beginning June 20, 2014. A public comment period will commence the following day for a period of 30 days and ending on July 21, 2014.