The primary goal in my life and the purpose of my existence is to provide as much food for as many people for as little expense as my talents and resources will allow.  You want nothing different from what I want - safe food and a productive future for my children.

Randy invited one of you to visit his farm. His invitation was thrown back in his face and that person also attacked him and insulted his intelligence. I will once again extend the same invitation. I plead with each of you to re-examine your beliefs about biotechnology. It is humanity’s single greatest hope for the future. In years to come, I believe that this will be borne out by history.

These environmental extremist organizations are nothing more than terrorists. My family doesn’t have to worry about jets flying into our sparsely populated town, but we are terrorized by our own American brothers and sisters - by you - who are entitled to your own opinions, but not to your own facts.

In any event, I shall continue to strive to be the best steward of the great blessings my Creator has given me charge over as long as I live. I have only one request:  Please stop hurting my family. It seems too simple a request, but regretfully, I don’t know how else to ask. May God bless you. May he bless us all.