Since its inception in 2001, National Peanut Board has been pivotal in maintaining markets and increasing consumption of USA-grown peanuts. Some highlights:

  • Everyday frequency of consumption of peanuts has doubled since 2001 and everyday consumption of peanut butter increased 71 percent in the same time period, according to a consumer tracking study by The Bantam Group, 2012.      
  • NPB recently launched the brand platform, The Perfectly Powerful Peanut, the centerpiece of a new nationwide, multi-media advertising campaign and slogan, helping to unify messages across the entire peanut industry.  
  • NPB has invested more than $20 million in  more than 900 production research projects to help farmers increase yields while implementing the most sustainable agricultural practices.      
  • NPB has funded more than $10 million in food allergy research, education and outreach to help identify causes and seek treatments for food allergy sufferers.  
  • Peanut menu listings have more than doubled on American menus, increasing 122 percent from January to June 2007 to April-June, 2013, and continuing to outpace almonds; according to data from Technomic Menu Monitor, 2013.