Speaking at the recent Southeastern Fruit and Vegetable Growers meeting in Savannah, University of Georgia Entomologist Alton ‘Stormy’ Sparks said he had to change the title of his presentation — New Insecticides in Vegetables — because there are no new chemistries coming to the market this year.

However, there are plenty of label changes and new uses of products that vegetable growers need to know before the spring planting season, he says.

“One thing that stands out to me this year is Lorsban and diazinon use. We are not losing the labels for these products, but usage is dramatically different. As best I can determine we are now down to foliar use of these products on Brussels sprouts and sweet corn for Lorsban and honeydew melons for diazinon,” Sparks says.

Spintor is being replaced by Radiant. Radiant gives better activity on some caterpillars, its better on thrips and has a little better residual control on some insects. The change, he notes, is a corporate decision to use the active ingredient in Spintor in Radiant — the products are very similar.

In December of 2009, vegetable growers lost Furadan to EPA cancelation of tolerances. FMC, manufacturers of Furadan, is still trying to get the product back, but all indications point to growers losing the material, Sparks says.