Little by little, Texas drought conditions are improving but moisture will need to be consistent throughout the planting and growing season for row crop farmers to make economical yields and for livestock producers to see significant improvements in pasture and rangeland.

The most recent Texas Drought Monitor report from the Texas Water Development Board shows 63 percent of the state still in drought status. That’s down from 67 percent last week and shows a 6 point drop in recent weeks.

The report is not all good news, however, with the lower percentage of the state in drought also comes a strengthening of dry conditions in West, Central, and North Texas. And drought projections show more of the same.

Drought status improves slightly for Texas

That follows what other climatologists have predicted for the past several months with recent predictions indicating possibility of relief in the fall.

The latest report also shows deterioration from three months ago, when only 45 percent of the state was considered in drought stress. But it is a significant improvement over the 77 percent drought status of a year ago.

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Reservoir levels continue to hold steady.  The TWDB monitored water supply reservoirs show an average of 65 percent full, up a point from last week and two points from three months ago. Capacity is two points lower than a year ago and significantly below the average of 84 percent for this time of year.



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