More southwest wheat farmers are investing in technology and new products to increase yield potential and  take advantage of current wheat prices.

Investments include new varieties, fungicides, certified seed, increased fertility and plant growth regulators, says Greg Gungoll, Syngenta regional account lead for Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Gungoll discussed the advantages of investing in certified seed, improved varieties and a plant growth regulator at a recent field day near Muleshoe, Texas.

Seed selection, he said, is the first and one of the most important decisions a wheat farmer makes each year. Selecting certified seed instead of saving seed from one crop to the next makes a difference,” he said.

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“Wheat farmers looking to improve yield need to plant the highest quality seed they can get. That’s the first step in producing the highest quality and highest yield.”

He said additional cost is minimal compared to potential yield and quality improvements. “Certified seed are inspected by the Texas Department of Agriculture and the Oklahoma Crop improvement Association” to assure high quality.

“It’s an investment in the crop to produce the highest yield possible,” Gungoll said.

He sees more interest from farmers in certified seed as they invest more in the crop to take advantage of current good prices. “They want to make more wheat per acre and see the value of investing in certified seed.

He also cautioned growers about reselling certified. “Only authorized dealers can sell certified seed,” he said. Saving certified seed and selling to a neighbor is not legal.